SOYEA Technology Co., Ltd. is a listed company (share code 000909) established in 1999. It is invested and share held by West-lake Electronics Group Co., Ltd. SOYEA's shareholding equity is 196 million sections, the group company owns 136 million sections of state-owned legal person share, it occupies 69.39% of the shareholding equity; the social public share is 60 million sections and occupies 30.61% of the shareholding equity. In December, 2005, SOYEA completed Sub-owned share reformation and became the first listed company that carried out this reformation in Zhejiang province. After reformation, the group company owns 113.8 million sections and occupies 58.06% of the shareholding equity. Now the company's total capital is 1.395 billion Yuan, the net capital is 0.545 billion Yuan.
West-lake Electronics Group Co., Ltd. is the parent company that owns more than 30 years' history. It is a state-owned sole capital company authorized by Hangzhou government, meanwhile it is one of the country's 520 key enterprises and 100 strongest enterprise of China's electronics information industry.
SOYEA Technology bases on the main industry of digital electronics information and tele-communication. It mainly engages in the research, development, sales, consultant and result-transfer of the high-tech products of digital AV products, digital (analog) color TV, tele-communication equipment, satellite-broadcasting TV equipment, computer software, network integrated service, intellectual building project and real-estate.
SOYEA Technology has built the modern industry base-SOYEA Technology Information Industrial Park in Hangzhou economics and technology development zone. The park invested 0.1 billion Yuan, it occupies 22 thousand square meters, the total constructive area is 50 thousand square meters. The first term project owns several high-speed SMT and auto-insertion machines, 6 color TV production lines (including LCD TV), 2 STB production lines. The company owns its own web station, URP information management system. The production capacity will surpass 2 million digital TV and large-screen color TV and 1 million DTV's STB after the park puts into production.
SOYEA Technology is our country's high-tech enterprise, it has built state level technology center, it owns a team of knowledgeable and high quality technicians, 81 persons of color TV research team and 58 persons of STB. The company insists on the policy of the combination of self-innovation and foreign import, and develops the market-cated products speedily. In recent years , the company has first developed a large amount of "high" and "perfect" electronics information products of DPTV, HDTV, TFT-LCD rear-projection color TV, TFT-LCD color TV, iDTV, inter-active DTV's STB and so on. Their performance occupies native lead position of the same products and some even reaches the international advanced level.
SOYEA Technology regards product quality as its life and perfects the quality warranty and after-sale service system all the time. Recently, the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification; and the color TV product has passed 3C, UL, CE, SAA and CB certification one after another; the West-lake, SOYEA brand color TVs are authorized the title of "National free of quality inspection product", "Zhejiang famous brand product"; and the company wins the honor of "National high quality service company" for many years.
Through propaganda and advertisement, the market has developed further more. In 2005, the production volume and sales volume of color TV have rapidly increased and reached 810 thousand sets and 800 thousand sets respectively. It is estimated that the production volume and the sales volume will break 1.2 million set in 2006, and the STB will reach 150 thousand sets; the products are saled to more than 30 cities and autonomous region all over the country, they are also exported to over 20 countries and regions in Europe, America, southeast Asia and western Asia. "West-lake" and "SOYEA" is evaluated as "Zhejiang famous trade mark" and "Zhejiang famous firm trade name".
Otherwise, SOYEA Technology's real-estate has developed steadily. It insists the policy of "Base on Hangzhou city, Walk out of Zhejiang province", works hard on developing the new market and forms the new setup of basing the Hangzhou as the body and locating Hefei and Zhuji as the two wings. From now on, it has developed "Zhongxinwendu Garden", "Jinchen Garden", Zhuji "Jinchen Garden", Hefei "West-lake Garden" continuously.
In future, SOYEA Technology will insists on system innovation, science and technology innovation, base on the research and development of DTV and tele-communication, in the meanwhile develops the new industry. We will try our best to make the four industries of color TV, tele-communication, IT and real-estate to step on shoulder to shoulder.