SOYEA Technology Co., Ltd.  
About us:
    The former of SOYEA Technology Co., Ltd. Is Hangzhou Dongfeng Television Factory. It was established in 1973, and experienced many times of renaming from Hangzhou Television Factory to Hangzhou West-lake Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. and so on, and in 1999 it was registered to establishment formally, the registered capital was 0.294 billion Yuan. The company's main department is located in Hangzhou state-level high-tech development zone, which is included in Huanglong advanced business circle with beautiful scenery and rapid developing economics, meanwhile, it constructed modern industry production base-SOYEA Information Industrial Centre in Hangzhou state-level economic development zone. It is a high tech listed company majors in digital electronics and tele-communication products. It was listed in Shenzhen Share Market in May, 1999, mainly engages in the production and the business of HD LCD TV, digital TV STB, information software, thing network, vehicle network, new energy, real-estate , software park construction and so on.
    SOYEA Technology is Zhejiang province's high-tech enterprise, innovation experimental enterprise, and West-lake Electronics Group's core enterprise, it owns several share-hold sub-company such as Hangzhou Zhongxing Real-estate Development Co., Ltd. , Hangzhou Commnet, Zhejiang SOYEA Trade Co., Ltd. and so on. The parent company-Westlake Electronics Group Co., Ltd. is one of the state's 520 key enterprises, one of Zhejiang province's five groups of backbone enterprises and one of Hangzhou's six state-owned authorized groups.
     SOYEA Technology owns strong technology development ability. As a high-tech company, it is constructed with state-level Technology Center and Zhejiang province's digital AV technology application mid-term experimental base. Recent year, depending on its powerful science research ability, the company developed and put into market a great many new and high-tech products, they are our country's first generation DPTV, HD LCD TV series, HDTV STB series, digital signage, EV battery packing, smart traffic broadcast and control system, smart building access control system, smart grid supervision system and so on. Among these, DPTV was awarded with our country's highest prize of consumer electronic products-the first prize of china's electronic industry. The company was also in charge of multiple state level, province and city level high-tech projects' research and development and fulfilled successfully.
    Our company pays great attention to the products' quality, insists that quality is the basic reliability. SOYEA Technology and other three sub-companies passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification one after another, company's color TV products were regarded as state's test-free products and province's famous brand products, "WESTLAKE", "SOYEA" are estimated as Zhejiang's famous trademark continuously.
    In future, SOYEA Technology will adhere the principles of "create value for customer, make future for employee and product effectiveness for society", promote the enterprise spirits of "regard"the enterprise as home, consider the quality as life", follow nowaday's science and technology trend, insist on the road of innovation, and try our best to make our company as the international high-tech enterprise in the near future.